Frequently asked questions

Please see below for a list of the most common issues people may have when they first start using Ensemble R. If we haven’t covered your question or you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact via

How do I open my files?

We call this process importing and it is designed to be completely simple. The first step is to ensure your data is in a format that Ensemble R can read. This can be either as .txt files or with the help of Dataplugins.

More information on opening files.

What are Dataplugins?

Ensemble R can open up a variety (and growing list!) of different formats and to this we use a tool called Dataplugins.

You will find a list of the Dataplugins we support here.

Simply download the Dataplugin that matches your file type and this will allow Ensemble R to open your files.

Is there a way to remove artifact from my data?

As with many questions in science, the answer is “It depends”!

If your artifact is caused by your blood pressure recording device, we have developed a scrubbing technique on which you can find more here.

The type of signal, length of artifact and output metrics of interest can all affect how much influence messy data can have on final values. Get in touch if you would like to talk about your data and techniques for improving your final results.

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