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Ensemble-R is an analysis tool designed to make physiological signal processing accessible to all researchers. The package is designed to support researchers from physiological and clinical backgrounds who are interested in applying data analysis to medical device signals. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to data analysis so that your time can be spent generating physiological insights and clinical evidence.

What is physiological system identification?

System identification is a powerful approach to characterising physiological processes using observed data.

Ensemble achieves this using a two-step workflow.

1. Aggregate

Imports data stored in a variety of data formats and pre-processes the data to ensure channels are:

  • accurately labelled
  • essential physiological features are identified
  • signals are time-aligned relative to each other


 2. Extract

Extract physiological information from the pre-processed signals using validated analytical methods.

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Pre-processing data to gain access to hundreds of physiological metrics has just got easier.