How do I open my files?

What files can I open?

Ensemble can open any file that is supported by DataPlugins.  A data plugin is a National Instruments tool that extends the data access capabilities of Ensemble.

Formats that are commonly used for storing physiological signals include:

NameExtensionManufacturerDownloadDate tested
ADI Chart 8*.adicht, *.adidatADInstrumentsDownloadDec 2017
European Data Format*.REC, *.EDF+DownloadJan 2018
Physiobank*.HEA, *.EDFDownload
HL7_aECG*.HL7, *.XMLDownload
CODAS*.WDQ; *.WDCDATAQ InstrumentsDownload

Download and install the appropriate Dataplugin for your file format.

Please note that manufacturers can alter proprietary data formats without notifying Elucimed. This may result in back compatibility issues with third-party data files. We are actively monitoring and testing popular Dataplugins but if you discover a non-functional data plugin please contact us. These can be readily updated.


Can I open files that are not (yet) support by Dataplugins?

Yes if your files can be saved as .txt.  Ensemble can ingest .txt  files provided the data is structured as a table where a) each column corresponds to a signal (multiple columns if you have multiple signals) and b) along each column conseuctive numbers represent equidistantly sample data points. Annotations are not necessary.

Please contact if you require assistance to open your data files.

Quick start

Ensemble-R is an analysis tool designed to make physiological signal processing accessible to all researchers. The package is designed to support researchers from physiological and clinical backgrounds who are interested in applying data analysis to medical device signals.