Manual MSNA annotation

Tutorial Video: MSNA-manual-burst-editing


Sometimes you might see MSNA bursts that have been missed, or artefacts that have incorrectly been identified as MSNA bursts.

In terms of a typical analysis workflow, we recommend that you adjust the ‘Artifact threshold’ and ‘Burst threshold’ parameters first to identify bursts.  Manipulating these two parameters should get you most if not all the bursts.  Anything missed after that is very unlikely to influence your results.

There is also value in simply having a standardized approach.  However, if you still want to do manual editing to fix any remaining false positives or false negatives you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Right click the data points you want to edit.
  2. Select ‘add annotation’.
  3. Label ‘0’ for detected bursts that you want to delete (false positive), label ‘1’ for missed bursts that you want to manually add (false negatives).
  4. Hit the ‘Manual editing’ button. Results will refresh.


Go through each trace, label all the false positives with 0 and false negatives with 1, and then hit ‘manual editing’ and it will update the results.