Processing additional signals

The Extras module

The Extras module is for labelling additional signals you wish to analyse. This can includes any signal that hasn’t already been specified under ECG, BP-Doppler, Ventilation, and Gases.


Ensemble currently supports up to eight (X1-X8) additional  channels.

  • Activate the channel.
  • Label the channel
  • Select the signal that corresponds to the label
  • Specify signal units.
  • Click OK to store results.
  • Exist the module to analyse other signals or SAVE the file.

Control definitions

ChannelActivates the channel
LabelSpecifies the data type
Channel selectSpecifies the signal that corresponds to the label
UnitsSpecifies the units that corresponds to the signal
OKStores the data
DelayIf you know that this channel is recorded with a delay relative to the ECG, enter that delay (in seconds) as a POSITIVE number here.

Examples of signals that should specified under ‘Extras’

  • Near infrared spectroscopy outputs (total Hb, Oxy-Hb, Deoxy-Hb, Tissue oxygenation).
  • Muscle sympathetic nerve activity Integrated neurograms.
  • Signals from pressure transducers