Empowering health providers to deliver gold-standard care. Complex realtime data analysis on high resolution medical device data.

What is Ensemble-C

Ensemble-C is a clinical data integration system for real-time decision support. Based on our cutting edge analytics platform, Ensemble-C is software and cloud infrastructure for transforming raw data from monitoring systems and medical devices into clinically meaningful outputs. Ensemble-C operates as a digital observation chart, replacing the paper version currently in use, but direct capture of medical device waveforms allows so much more. By performing realtime analysis of high resolution data, our platform brings research validated prediction algorithms right to the bedside to help clincians make the best decisions possible.



How does this help patients?

Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and are responsible for huge amounts of wasted healthcare spending. Modern medical devices make 1000s of measurement per second and by only recording this data at 30 minute spot checks, we are throwing away valuable diagnotic information.

Our digital observation chart that collects data directly from devices removes transcription errors and our unique analytical platform allows for disease prediction earlier than ever before.