Elucimed was founded in June 2017 as a spin out company from the University of Otago. Our vision at Elucimed is a world where intelligent use of physiological data enables research breakthroughs and medical tools that save lives.

Meet the team

Dr Paul Teal

Chief Technology Officer

Paul is an Associate Professor at Victoria University with a focus on signal processing and machine learning. He has published over 40 papers/patents on the application of signal processing to healthcare, industry and new technology. As CTO Paul leads the design and implementation of our cutting edge data analysis engine.

Dr Shieak Tzeng

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Shieak is a clinical Associate Professor at the University of Otago who has published over 80 journal articles on physiology and signal processing. Our Ensemble-R toolkit has been used in all of his research outputs to help implement complex data analysis quickly and accurately.