To provide cutting edge analytical solutions for clinical care and medical research using physiological signals.

Audience Choice winner at Healthtech week Innovation and Investment event 2019

Our CEO spoke with the National Business Review about how Elucimed came to be and our plans for the future.





Ensemble-R is a powerful bioinformatics solution for the analysis and interpretation of streaming physiological data ...



Real-time data analytical tools for high-resolution medical device data!


Wavelet decomposition analysis is a clinically relevant strategy to evaluate cerebrovascular buffering of blood pressure after spinal cord injury.

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Is Cushing mechanism a dynamic blood pressure stabilizing system? Insights from Granger causality analysis of spontaneous blood pressure and cerebral blood flow.

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Dietary nitrate supplementation reduces low frequency blood pressure fluctuations in rats following distal middle cerebral artery occlusion.

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The Stability and Repeatability of Spontaneous Sympathetic Baroreflex Sensitivity in Healthy Young Individuals.

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Functional implications of impaired dynamic cerebral autoregulation in young healthy women; a comparative investigation.

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Dietary nitrate supplementation enhances cerebrovascular CO2 reactivity in a sex-specific manner.

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Device-guided slow breathing reduces blood pressure and sympathetic activity in young normotensive individuals of both sexes.

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